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Re: [IPp] Does any one use Tegaderm or other transparent Dressings

"I just want to know if anyone using
it is cutting it before putting it on or are they
letting the needle pierce through it- she is using
ultra flex sets which she thinks she will like better
than the ones put in at an angle-"

Jeremy just started pumpin on Friday, 6/7.  He is loving it!  We did our 
first site change yesterday.  Original site was just the white circle from 
the QuickSet directly on his skin, covered with the IV3000.  We forgot to 
put down the first IV3000 in our excitement/nervousness.   Site did great, 
but when we took it off, he had what looked like 2 little blisters around 
where the cannula went in.  Putting Neosporin on it, and seems to be healing 

So last night, we tried the sandwich method.  We used the inserter device 
and shot through the tape with no hole cut first.  I heard not to do this, 
due to possibility of bending cannula, but we tried it to see what would 
happen.  We are getting good numbers this time, too.  We did notice that the 
extra tape seems to stabilize the site, so that disconnecting/reconnecting 
are happening easier for Jeremy.   I think next time, we will stick with 
sandwich method for sure and I will cut the hole in first tape (don't wanna 
push our luck!).  I just have to figure out how I will find that hole when 
the inserter thing is blocking my view.  Any suggestions?

-- Allison
mom to Jeremy, 8, dx'd 12/00, pumping 6/7/02

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