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Re: [IPp] Re: Novolog Use

> In a message dated 6/11/02 9:33:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
> email @ redacted writes:
> > She said that it is still awaiting approval for usage
> > in children???Maybe it'll be approved by January she
> > said.  Is it that some endos are okay prescribing it
> > now and others are waiting?  I asked at our practice,
> > and they said no.  Just wondering.  
> At our last endo appointment, when we were told Nikko would be going
> on the pump, she told us we'd be using Novalog.  Hope that helps!

Once a drug has been approved for "anything", any physician can 
prescribe it for any purpose. The "approval" simply means that the 
company can market if for a specific purpose, otherwise they can't 
say anything at all.

Approval for use in pumps, for instance, means that a company can say 
in their marketing literature that the "FDA has approved xxx for use 
in pumps". There are many insulins used by both adults and children 
that are not approved for use in pumps (but are used anyway), 

It is my opinion that a physician that refuses to let you try a new 
insulin when you have demonstrated problems with the one you 
currently use is 1) lazy, 2) not a very good doctor.

email @ redacted
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