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Re: [IPp] Re: pop-digest V1 #90

I have questions about the gluco watch, especially with Jessy going on the 
pump the 21st (we are so excited)....does insurance cover it yet?  I know 
that it is not only pricey to buy, but also pricey to maintain.  I believe 
it was $6.00 a strip which has to be changed every 12 hours.  If anyone is 
aware of insurances covering it, please let me know.  Thank you.

>From: email @ redacted
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>Subject: Re: [IPp] Re: pop-digest V1 #90
>Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 20:23:11 EDT
>In a message dated 6/10/2002 10:12:48 AM Mountain Daylight Time,
>email @ redacted writes:
> > It would definitely help keep him under better control
> >  to wear it at night, but it was going to put us in a bind that was 
> >  if it woke him w/ low alarms, but since it's not, I'm still going to 
> >
> >  get up and check on him every 2 hours or sleep w/ him.
>What about using one of those "baby monitors"?  Do you think you'd hear 
>  Since I'm sure he wouldn't want to have a BABY monitor in his room, you
>might want to hide the packaging and just call it an intercom system or
>something . . .  just a thought . . . I think that's what we're going to 
>when/if we get a glucowatch
>Lyndy . . . Pumpmama to Katie who doesn't wake even when her pump starts
>"sirening" (which is what it does if you don't acknowledge a "serious" 
>-- like NO insulin --  after a period of time)
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