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[IPp] Does any one use Tegaderm or other transparent Dressings

My Stepdaughter Megan-11 started her pump,Htron Plus,
on Thursday(6-6-02)seems to be doing fairly well.

However, I do have a question, Oxystat-the company
that sends the pump supplies sent us boxes of Smith &
Nephew High MVP Transparent Dressing.  I worked  a few
years as a supplier for feeding pumps and supplies so
I knew that these were probably needed or they
wouldn't have sent them.  There were some also in her
starter kit-from the pump manufacturer. 

 However, the nurse that we trained with told us not
to use them or if we did we would have to cut a hole
in them for Megan to be able to do the quick release. 
Well,last night we had to do Megan's first set change
and (she only had 20 units left and was running in the
lower 200's) and so we applied the dressing(which is
like another skin) then put the set on top of this, I
did not cut it just pierced it with the needle.  We
did this about 10:30pm and I rechecked her at 12:30
and she was 363.(with no ketones) I checked everything
and the elastic in her shorts seemed to be tight(she
had the tubing under the elastic)so I just pulled the
tubing to the outside and checked her bg at 3:00- she
was 243. so I checked her again at 5:00 and she was
180.  And she has done well the rest of the day.  

Keep in mind we have set her basal rate at 2
units/hour (per doctor) and she probably will change
it on monday, because she has been running high at
night (180-240)previously.What I am wanting to know is
anyone else using this dressing-or tegaderm.  Megan
says the set seems more secure to her with the
dressing there.  I just want to know if anyone using
it is cutting it before putting it on or are they
letting the needle pierce through it- she is using
ultra flex sets which she thinks she will like better
than the ones put in at an angle-  Megan is a large
girl not thin if that is of any concern and she
doesn't seem to mind this needle- she is wearing it on
the abdomen about an inch above and to the side of her
belly button (she is 5'2" so she has alot of space
before you get to her ribs)Thanks for any help,

Wendy, stepmom of Megan-11 htron Plus 

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