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[IPp] limited site useage

Hi Chris,
That sounds so familiar!  When Jenna started pumping at age 9, the sites
only lasted about 36 hours, then numbers would start to rise.  We solved the
problem for a time with the Insulin Pumper's suggestion to mix a little
regular insulin in her Humalog - but that created its own problems.  Now, we
just use Novalog and don't have the problem at all.  Which insulin are you
using?  If you're using Humalog, try the Novalog - unfortunately, you will
have to get a new prescription for it, the pharmacy can't just change it.
Also, we've found that the little red hole at the infusion site heals a lot
faster with the Novalog than it ever did with Humalog.  She's used Tenders /
Silouettes all along.  We are now at the end of 4 years of pumping.

Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, age 13, dx'ed 2/98, pumping 9/98 with H-tron
till Nov 2001, now Minimed 508 waiting for the Paradigm upgrade - we're
gonna try 'em all


My son (7) has been on the Paradigm pump for about 6 weeks. My basic
question is
we are only able to use a site for 2 days. On the second day the site starts
fail at about night snack time and the numbers start to be about 275 and
300 two hours later. After two high readings we give him an injection and
out the set. We were hoping to eventually get three days out of it and if
three then a full 2 days.

Parents...........has anyone have similar experience???????? Any
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