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[IPp] FCYD Camp

Amelia, age 8 1/2, just returned home yesterday from her Diabetes Camp. 
This is her 3rd year, 2nd alone as the first was family camp.  We are
very fortunate to have a strong/well-organized camp in our Stateof Utah. 
The staff is incredible.  Amelia had a few homesick days but overall, she
had a blast!  She never wanted to give herself shots (she was dxd at age
6) and went on the pump at age 7.  I am so proud of her because she met
her camp goal this year....she is changing her own sites!  She changed it
at camp once and at home last night!  If you have access to a summer
diabetes camp, I highly recommend it!  Amelia rode horses, attended a
local water park, mountained biked, ect.  But most important, she was
surrounded by and encouraged by other diabetics who supported her and
encouraged her to take care of herself!  Most camps have sponsorship
programs, if finances are a problem.  I have found that the "freebies"
equal the fees--not to mention all the other benefits. Cheri--Mom to


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