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Re: [IPp] silhouette's

In a message dated 6/8/2002 8:41:31 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> alisha is 12 3/4 yrs old, we are currently using rapids, 6mm and 110 cm long 
> tubing.
> she also uses ultra flex similar to the rapids but has a canula, these must 
> be made of different material than the sils and soft sets, micro sets are 
> as 
> they don't leave a red mark, a small hole yes, but no redness.
> she has tried about every thing on the market except two that i know of, 
> and 
> that is the bent needle, (she refused) and the new rapids that do 
> disconnect, 
> we just haven't gotten any yet.
> she hasn't used the quicksets with the inserter either, but we didn't have 
> good luck without one either.
> kathy


We use the Ultraflex, too. We used to use the Rapids, but Paul likes the feel 
of the plastic cannula vs. the Rapids needle. A question for you or anyone 
else who may encounter this same problem: When I remove Paul's sites, 
adhesive from the Ultraflex leaves dark black marks on his skin. I remove the 
excess adhesive with soap and water but I have to rub really hard to do that. 
Is there anything that works better?

Janice, mother of Paul, DX at 20 months, now 8 and pumping since July 2000
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