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Re: [IPp] Parents sue school board

This is an interesting thread.    I was curious as to why the parents
wouldn't want their child to have an IEP.   Zachary will be in 7th
grade next year and has always been under the protection of an
IEP through the classification of OHI (Other HEalth Impaired).
It's our guarantee that our medical related requests are put in writing,
as well as followed through on.    It also comes in handy for problems
that arise.

Zachary missed 2nd semester this year due to spending a month in
DKA before going on his pump.   Then various stunts pulled by his
school nurse which further kept him out until he reached a stage
of having "Nurse Phobia"!    Thankfully, because of his IEP,
we already had him signed up for Intermittant HomeBound Instruction
provided for our school by our cities Special School District.   This
gave us an hour of instruction for each day he was absent from school.
As he started to drift farther behind, we called an emergency
IEP Meeting where his team teachers, resource teacher, etc. all
requested that his hour be lengthened to two hours to properly
cover all subjects.

There are various Education Law Websites which contain tons of
information.   Here's a few we've been using for the past two

1.  Reed Martin

2.  Wrights Law

3.   <A HREF="http://www.kerrlaw.com/">Kerr Law Office, Protecting the Civil
Rights of Persons with
     Disabilities Since 1989.</A>

<A HREF="http://www.nichcy.org/">4.    NICHCY</A>

Hope this helps.

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