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Re: [IPp] Parents sue school board

> Can someone tell me where this article is located? I'd like to read
> it. Thanks,

It isn't really an article, but a series of small victories over the 
years. Many parents on this list have fought over these issues with 
their schools. The best place to start is the KIDS page of the web 
site. There are many links there as well as a link to Wright's Law -- 
which expands into a bunch of case summaries, many of which are 
applicable. In general, you must be well informed so you know where 
and how to pick your battles. 

Every state has (or should have) a 504 plan administrator or advocate 
for parents/kids. Usually you can find this person by contacting the 
state board of education and asking for the coordinator/administrator 
for you district. They are supposed to advocate on behalf of your 
child when there is difficulty with the local school. Filing a 
complaing with the Feds is a pretty big gun, better than a lawsuit 
and does not require you to go through the court process and spend a 
lot of bucks. Request a 504 meeting, be specific about what is 
required (see the links on the kids pages), and don't back off your 
"reasonable" demands. If the school fails to live up to this 
commitment, then you have grounds for a federal complaint.

In most places this level of disagreement does not usually take 
place, but .... sigh..... it's not always that easy.

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