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Re: [IPp] Parents sue school board

> I can not believe this happens I'm the mother of a 4 year old and I
> just cried when I read the article besides all we have to deal with
> we also have to fight so that others could understand that our
> children are not handicapped they just need extra help and shouldn't
> treat them like they do. I wonder how they will feel if thier child
> was diagnosed with diabetes. Can't they just give us a break and not
> make us go through this *#$?!. I feel better now thanks for letting
> me vent. America

They will win this. Section 504 protection will force the school to 
help the child or pay dearly otherwise. This will be on top of any 
court ordered settlement. As far as I know, schools have never 
prevailed in these arguments, quite the opposite.

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