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[IPp] re: Swimming - sets that stay in

snip <<We've found that "tummy sets" just do NOT 
work in the pool! The sets on the bum are much less likely to come 
off...probably because the bathing suit offers some protection there. 
We've also found that using Tegaderm over the site is helpful.>> snip

Our experience with my 7 year old Luke (pumping for 15 months) is
that SofSets come off if he sweats & swimming is a disaster with
them, but the QuickSets & Silhouette sets stay on with typical prep 
(alcohol wipe & IV prep for Luke).  We've been lucky & not had to 
use Mastisol or extra tape to keep them on.  This applies to anywhere 
the site is located that we've tried - tummy, butt, lower back.  

Luke's only problem w/ tummy sites is that his muscles bend the 90-degree
angle sets like QuickSets now so we're on Sils but these are working
great through swimming (about 1 hour per day plus his shower every
day & sweating when outside - we live in central Texas & it's been
sweaty weather since March for Luke).  

If the prep for swimming is a pain, I'd try a different set, especially
if your kiddo is swimming frequently.

It's also possible that if the tummy sites are popping out during
horseplay that your child needs shorter cannulas for the tummy than
for the rear end - on our son, the fat layer over the tummy is definitely
shallower than on the rear end.

Good luck & have fun swimming - you'll get it soon!
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01, MM508

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