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Re: [IPp] Swimming

I'm glad this swimming topic came up because over the weekend we had our own 
swimming challenges. We never have any problems with sites coming out when 
swimming until this weekend we did a waterpark thing, like 6 straight hours 
of swimming! His site stayed in but when he was getting dressed afterwards we 
noticed it was hanging on by a thread. The tapes were so loose and it was so 
wet that we just put a new site in. We use the silolette set with an IV3000 
over the top of it and we prep with IVPrep. We do fine with a couple of hours 
here and there swimming but this all day thing did us in, I'm looking for any 
ideas because we go to our local waterpark at least 2-3 times a week after 
school lets out.Also has anyone had any nasty lows approx 24 hours after that 
kind of activity? We had quite a night the next night after swimming, approx 
30 hours after . We had to treat lows 3 times that night. Our endo warned us 
with the warmer weather coming to watch out for that delayed reaction, but we 
never experienced it for ourselves until that night. Just thought I'd share 
and give a "heads up"!
Thanks, Jennifer  
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