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Re: [IPp] Re: pump replacement


I would see what your endo has to say.  Dan's endo
began warning us a year or so ahead of the time his
pump was due to go out of warranty, that we would need
to get things going to get the new pump -- decide  if
Dan wanted the same brand, contact the pump company,
etc.  We could not actually order the pump from Cozmo
until we had reached the four-year mark, but between
the endo and the pump manufacturer, all the paperwork
was taken care of and we really didn't do anything
(Our insurance is Blue Cross Blue Shield). 

I think I would also talk to the pump company you're
planning to go with.  The Cozmo people seemed willing
and able to do the legwork and paperwork to make
things work with our insurance company.  They are
motivated to get the deal done.  

The Aetna policy you cite seems very unreasonable on
the face of it -- we were told by Cozmo that they
would do NO troubleshooting or phone support with a
pump that was out of warranty, much less any actual
repairs.  That is obviously an untenable situation for
a device your child's life depends on.  So a letter to
that effect from the pump company and one from the
endo might help.

It may just be because we are in a big ped endo
practice in a large city, but both the endo and the
pump company seemed very accustomed to dealing with a
broad range of insurance companies.  They may be able
to do something from their end.

Not sure how much help this is, but hang in there. 
You should also be able to get a written copy of your
durable medical goods benefit.  I had to push for
this, but they should be able to produce it for you.
That may shed some light on the subject as well.

Good luck and let us know how it is going.



 Mom of Chris, 24, Carrie, 20, Dan, 16 dx 01 pumping cozmo 03, aunt and guardian
of Mike, 20, and wife of Jim
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