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[IPp] Re: Kids with Celiac

Sorry Morgan, I just saw your question tonight.

I've read lots and lots on Celiac for years, and an individual's response to
gluten is just that--individual.

Some report feeling sick almost immediately, and then are fine the next day.
Others it can take a number of hours and they are left with gluten "hangover"
for weeks.  Most of these people do not also have Type 1 diabetes.

My child has never ingested gluten and known for sure, so we don't know how
fast she would get sick.  But sometimes her tummy will feel a bit queasy and
she wonders if somehow she got contaminated earlier that day.

Now my hubby, who was dx'ed with celiac after our daughter, isn't as careful
as she is.  While on holiday in the US, he believed a waiter who told him that
the corn bread did not have wheat in it.  (duh...)  It took a couple of hours
before he was throwing up.

So I'm not much help to you.....but I would think that it would depend on how
much contamination she got, if her tummy was full or empty at the time, etc.
Its always hard to know with tummy pains, what the cause is.

Hope she is feeling better by now,
Best wishes, Barbara, mum of Claire 14.
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