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Re: [IPp] Question re how long CGM sensors can stay in

We were told not to wear them more than six days, and we have held to that
rule.  They tend to get inaccurate, and written below, and risk for infection
does increase as well.

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 My experience with minimed cgms with my son was not the fear of infection
inaccuracy if u read clinical trials accuracy drops significantly after day
We had an experience where on day 5 we caliberated cgms my son went to
and got some trending ok lows drand a couple sodas before calling me and when
then tested was 500 the cgms said 75 this happened more tha once day 5 and 6
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Subject: [IPp] Question re how long CGM sensors can stay in

We just started on the Guardian sensors last week.  Our rep told us the
party line (48 hrs) but not to let him wear it more than 6 days due to
infection of the site, etc.  What has been everyone else's experience?
Today is our 6th day but the sensor is still on and still working (and
very accurate I might add!).  How long can you really wear them?


Mom to Chandler (9), Peyton (4, dx 9/05), and Sydney (3)

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