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[IPp] Amusement Parks & Passes & Animas

My daughter, Carly (12 diagnosed 3 yrs ago on July 27th) wears an Animas pump.
When she first started pumping 2 yrs ago, Animas had us sign a waiver stating
that she would disconnect on rides.  She lives pump on and disconnects right
before she gets on the ride.

BTW- A few years ago we were in Orlando for a basketball tournament.
Traveling with quite a few other families, a few of who had Down's children.
They filled me in on parks and the American with Disabilities Pass, if you go
to Guest Services, they will give you a fast pass (called different things at
different parks).  We've done this at Disney, Sea World & Six Flags.
Essentially you walk up the rides exit and they'll let you on very quickly.
It's called different things at different parks.  We were at Great America
last week I think they hit every ride they wanted to (about 12) in about 5
hrs.   They let you keep your party together, we've had as many as 6.  Her
brothers are very chummy when we go..........

2 yrs ago we were at 6 Flags Great America Hurricane Harbor, I let her
disconnect for awhile because she had been doing quite  a bit of swimming.  I
put the pump and case around my neck and we headed for the lazy river.
I patted the case after we had headed to another water attraction and it was
gone.  (the case was our last Velcro case, it must of flipped over and fell
right out)  It was fairly  new, so I was kind of panicky...... I did have
syringes and insulin w/me.    We checked with lost & found numerous times- no
luck.   Dragged the lazy river for 2 hours - no luck.  They told me it could
of gotten caught in the filter system.  It was close to closing time and there
was no way I was leaving without it.  The lifeguards etc were college kids and
really didn't understand the urgency.   I finally called the front office from
the park.  It turned up 3 hours later..... and I have to say she should make a
commercial for Animas, it have been scraping along in the lazy river current
for almost 3 hours, we hooked back up and it was fine....... Amazing!!!

We laugh about it now.......... the ride may be bumpy, but you have to do your
best to enjoy it......

Mary Beth


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