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Re: [IPp] Lesson Learned

Gosh...the other thing that occurred to me is that everyone is lucky the 
pump didn't hit someone else on the way down.  I would imagine that that 
kind of contact with something of that size and hardness might well have 
been deadly.
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From: "Mary Donovan" <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Thursday, July 10, 2008 9:51 PM
Subject: Re: [IPp] Lesson Learned
> Michael,
> What a bad day.  Thank heavens the warrenty kicked in.
> And you're not alone in living dangerously. Dan
> hasn't disconnected for amusement parks since the
> first year he was on the pump, five years ago.  But
> someone recently posted that animas, at least,
> recommends disconnecting because of the
> electromagnetism from the ride (Deltec told me they'd
> never heard of that).  So I guess with your story, now
> there are two reasons to unplug!
> Question, though:  for those who disconnect for rides,
> how do you do it logistically?  The first year, when I
> made Dan disconnect, I stood in the hour-long lines
> next to him and had him unplug and hand me the pump
> just for the 2 minute ride.  He hated it, and I
> obviously don't go with him anymore since he's 17.  Do
> you just have the kid put the pump in the bin with all
> the hats and stuff, where it's not secure, or do you
> have him lock it up in a locker, where it'll be
> inaccessible because the lockers are few and far
> between?  Or do you just go with lantus for the day
> and bolus only for meals?
> Mary
> Mom of Chris, 24, Carrie, 20, Dan, 16 dx 01 pumping cozmo 03, aunt and 
> guardian
> of Mike, 20, and wife of Jim
> .
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