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RE: [IPp] Lesson Learned

Actually I used to sew Dan's pocket closed for
amusement parks, just leaving an opening big enough to
wrestle the pump out of with some effort.  But we've
gotten lazy about doing that the past few years!


--- Elvisa <email @ redacted> wrote:

> A zip pocket somewhere in his clothing would be
> handy.
> I wouldn't leave the pump anywhere but on my child
> whether it is connected
> or not.
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> Behalf Of Mary Donovan
> Sent: Friday, 11 July 2008 11:51 AM
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> Subject: Re: [IPp] Lesson Learned
> Michael, 
> What a bad day.  Thank heavens the warrenty kicked
> in.
>  And you're not alone in living dangerously. Dan
> hasn't disconnected for amusement parks since the
> first year he was on the pump, five years ago.  But
> someone recently posted that animas, at least,
> recommends disconnecting because of the
> electromagnetism from the ride (Deltec told me
> they'd
> never heard of that).  So I guess with your story,
> now
> there are two reasons to unplug!
> Question, though:  for those who disconnect for
> rides,
> how do you do it logistically?  The first year, when
> I
> made Dan disconnect, I stood in the hour-long lines
> next to him and had him unplug and hand me the pump
> just for the 2 minute ride.  He hated it, and I
> obviously don't go with him anymore since he's 17. 
> Do
> you just have the kid put the pump in the bin with
> all
> the hats and stuff, where it's not secure, or do you
> have him lock it up in a locker, where it'll be
> inaccessible because the lockers are few and far
> between?  Or do you just go with lantus for the day
> and bolus only for meals?
> Mary 
>  Mom of Chris, 24, Carrie, 20, Dan, 16 dx 01 pumping
> cozmo 03, aunt and
> guardian
> of Mike, 20, and wife of Jim
> .
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