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RE: [IPp] Lesson Learned

Thanks for telling us your story Michael.
We are going to Luna Park (Sydney) the day after tomorrow and we may
disconnect the pump for certain rides now that you mentioned it.

Mum of Christian pumping for over a year.

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My daughter had an interesting day at Six Flags Great Adventure yesterday
I thought would be worth sharing with you all. 
My daughter, Hannah is 14 years old (Diagnosed at 2, on pump for past 7
years).  We have season passes to Great Adventure so we go quite often over
the summer. We went yesterday and for the first time ever, Hannah had a
problem with her pump on a ride.  While on the ride "Kingda Ka", which I
should add is the tallest & fastest roller-coaster in the world, her pump
loose and the tubing ripped off at the reservoir.  We didn't realize this
until the ride had completed.  We informed the ride operators and they sent
maintenance crew out to look for the pump.  I was optimistic thinking maybe
fell into a soft spot in the grass, but the security guard was quick to
out that depending on where it flew off, the pump could be sitting in the
Animal Safari and may never be found.
After about 10 minutes of searching, they managed to find the pump
shattered. It must have detached during the high point in the ride based on
how much damage there was.  Needless to say, that cut our day short and we
headed home.  Fortunately for us, the pump was covered under warranty and a
new one is being shipped to us this morning. It's been a long night checking
blood sugars every two hours and our first experience using Lantus, but so
far, so good.
(Note: It's amazing how much we forgot since the pump does most of the
thinking for us (what's her correction ratio? how much active insulin does
have?). Simple math seemed to fail us.)
Looking back on this, my wife and I are wondering how we could have been so
stupid as to not disconnect her from the pump while on the rides. We
ourselves lucky that we made it this far without a problem.  She's been on
this particular ride at least 6 times this season.
Thanks for listening!
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