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Re: [IPp] Omnipod customer service

We've been swimming every day here and have been using IV3000 over the  
end where the insertion is for extra protection and it seems to help.

As far as sports, my son is too young for anything too physical so I  
have no first hand experience yet, but I have heard people wrapping an  
ace bandage or using the tube part of a tube sock or a sweat band for  
the arm.

Lorraine Sisto
email @ redacted

On Jul 3, 2008, at 11:12 AM, email @ redacted wrote:
> I am curious with the omnipod if u need to tape it down when  
> swimming and with
> activities as soccer how does it do my son is now 15 and very active  
> but I was
> concerned about that also it says painfree I assume a needle guides  
> the
> insertion?
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> From: "LINDA BALL" <email @ redacted>
> Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 09:11:12
> To: <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IPp] Omnipod customer service
> I would not base my choice of pumps on a person
> My daughter has been using the pump since April and we have had a few
> problems but when we called in we got great help at omnipod. She  
> loves her
> pod not having to unplug and do sports and swim and shower . Her bg  
> reading
> have been better in the last 3 months. She is 15 and not having to  
> worry
> what pocket to put your pump in and not having to chase it down in  
> the bed
> at night.   The scaring of her belly from the minimed pump, makes me  
> wish
> she had always had the omnipod. It does not even leave a red mark or  
> scare
> as the other pump did.She really would tell anyone who will lesson  
> to get
> the omni pod.
> Linda
> Mom of a Jenna 15  pumping for 6 years
> On Wed, Jul 2, 2008 at 8:09 PM, Lorraine Sisto <email @ redacted>  
> wrote:
>> Well I can totally relate to what you are saying.  We never had a  
>> real
>> sales rep experience with Omnipod.  We contacted the local one - he  
>> was
>> kind, answered our questions, but referred us to our endo for the  
>> most part.
>> Our endo didn't even present the Omnipod as an option telling us it  
>> would
>> never work on our son because he was 4, but we insisted and we got  
>> it and we
>> love it.
>> We also had a less than great experience with our trainer - but we  
>> got
>> trained and I never needed to contact her again.
>> Customer service that we contact today is very responsive.  I have  
>> always
>> had a good outcome when I contact them.  They don't necessarily  
>> always give
>> consistent answers, but again I have never had a bad experience and  
>> they are
>> always very very quick to respond.  And I have had some very great
>> experiences with their customer service.
>> Although I understand that you could have a bad taste in your mouth  
>> from
>> this experience (I would completely feel the same way) I would base  
>> your
>> decision on the ongoing customer service you will get as I don't  
>> know why
>> you would ever need to contact the sales rep again, and more  
>> importantly on
>> the features of the pump that you want and fit your lifestyle.  All  
>> I can
>> say is we love it, I would be very very very sad if someone told me  
>> we had
>> to give it up and I have always been pleased with any customer  
>> service
>> outcome I have had.
>> They however should give a little more attention to the front line  
>> they
>> send out to represent their product!!
>> Lorraine
>> Lorraine Sisto
>> email @ redacted
>> On Jul 2, 2008, at 7:46 PM, Lisa Hepner wrote:
>>> We are pump shopping and we contacted Omnipod to see about having  
>>> a rep
>>> come
>>> out to do a demo.  The rep came out and smelled like cigarette  
>>> smoke, but
>>> was really nice so we gave her the benefit of the doubt.  She was  
>>> at our
>>> house for an hour and met all of us when she was going over the  
>>> pump.  We
>>> really like the Omnipod, but I can't say that our experience with  
>>> the rep
>>> has been that great.  I have contacted her a few times and we saw  
>>> her at
>>> diabetes camp and she has treated us like she has never had any
>>> interaction
>>> with her every time we contact her.  It is so weird.
>>> The funny thing is that she was really interested in getting an  
>>> "in" at
>>> our
>>> doctor's office because he only recommends one pump to his  
>>> patients and is
>>> pretty anti Omnipod.  It is just really weird.  When we saw her at  
>>> camp
>>> she
>>> had just been at our house a couple of weeks prior and knew we  
>>> were going
>>> to
>>> be at this particular camp yet she just looked at us blankly and
>>> introduced
>>> herself to us as if she had never met us.
>>> In comparison we met with the Animas rep who not only wears a  
>>> pump, she
>>> knew
>>> about 75% of the same people that we know because the world of  
>>> diabetes is
>>> such a small one and most of us parents know each other.  She was  
>>> awesome
>>> with follow-up and even had somebody call us to tell us our exact  
>>> cost if
>>> we
>>> were to go with Animas.  We also saw her at camp and she totally
>>> remembered
>>> us.
>>> Now, is this silly of me to expect more from the Omnipod rep?   
>>> Once we
>>> make
>>> the pump decision how much contact would we really have with our rep
>>> anyway?
>>> I can't help but think that if her motivation to sell to us is not  
>>> so good
>>> now, how will it be once we actually make the purchase.  My  
>>> husband is in
>>> sales and he has a huge client base and he was also totally turned  
>>> off in
>>> that every time we talk to the Omnipod rep we start at square one.
>>> Any thoughts on this?  We really like the idea of the Omnipod, but  
>>> now I
>>> am
>>> so hesitant.
>>> .
>> .
> .
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