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[IPp] Re: Omnipod customer service

To Lisa Hepner,
    I am not sure that I would let the behavior of the  sales representative 
for Omnipod sway you if that's the pump you truly  think you are interested 
 in. I would however call the company's customer service and ask them questions
and see how they respond. When we have problems we never  deal with the sales 
rep, only the company's customer service. 
     I know nothing about the Omnipod pump, maybe it  was out 3 years ago 
 when my 20 year old daughter went on the pump, but if so we had not heard of
My daughter took 3 years starting at age 18 looking  at the different pumps 
 and having the sales reps from 3 companies out every year, the Cozmo, Minimed,
and Animas. The reps changed with Minimed each time,  the reps from the other 
two companies were the same. Animas was by leaps and  bounds the nicest rep, 
and maybe that might have swayed me, but NOT my daughter  who was going to 
 wear the pump. She had to like it, since she was so hesitant about wearing one
in college. Each year she liked the Animas the best, and  finally that is the 
one she chose and she still loves it. When she finally  went on the pump the 
 sales rep changed for Animas in our area, and he was not nearly as good as the
one that we had met 3 years prior. And since then,  there is even a third 
different sales rep. But we have never had to deal with  the sales rep after 
 purchasing the pump, we only deal with customer service and they have been very
accessible and very helpful always. 
    Good luck with your decision. My daughter now LOVES  being on the pump 
and once in awhile has some frustrations and I say, well you  can go back to 
shots, and she refuses.     Sincerely,  another Lisa, mom to Michelle, age 22, 
dx'd at age 3
In a message dated 7/3/2008 9:16:39 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
email @ redacted writes:

In  comparison we met with the Animas rep who not only wears a pump, she  knew
about 75% of the same people that we know because the world of  diabetes is
such a small one and most of us parents know each other.   She was awesome
with follow-up and even had somebody call us to tell us our  exact cost if we
were to go with Animas.  We also saw her at camp and  she totally remembered

Now, is this silly of me to expect more  from the Omnipod rep? 


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