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RE: [IPp] Omnipod customer service

I'd just like to echo absolutely everything Lorraine says.  Couldn't
have said it better myself.  I know these decisions are tough.  Good
luck with it.

Chris Brostrup-Jensen
Father to Brian, age 11, dx'd 6/03, pumping OmniPod since 7/06

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> Lorraine Sisto
> Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2008 8:10 PM
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> Subject: Re: [IPp] Omnipod customer service
> Well I can totally relate to what you are saying.  We never 
> had a real sales rep experience with Omnipod.  We contacted 
> the local one - he was kind, answered our questions, but 
> referred us to our endo for the most part.  Our endo didn't 
> even present the Omnipod as an option telling us it would 
> never work on our son because he was 4, but we insisted and 
> we got it and we love it.
> We also had a less than great experience with our trainer - 
> but we got trained and I never needed to contact her again.
> Customer service that we contact today is very responsive.  I 
> have always had a good outcome when I contact them.  They 
> don't necessarily always give consistent answers, but again I 
> have never had a bad experience and they are always very very 
> quick to respond.  And I have had some very great experiences 
> with their customer service.
> Although I understand that you could have a bad taste in your 
> mouth from this experience (I would completely feel the same 
> way) I would base your decision on the ongoing customer 
> service you will get as I don't know why you would ever need 
> to contact the sales rep again, and more importantly on the 
> features of the pump that you want and fit your lifestyle.  
> All I can say is we love it, I would be very very very sad if 
> someone told me we had to give it up and I have always been 
> pleased with any customer service outcome I have had.
> They however should give a little more attention to the front 
> line they send out to represent their product!!
> Lorraine
> Lorraine Sisto
> email @ redacted
> On Jul 2, 2008, at 7:46 PM, Lisa Hepner wrote:
> >
> > We are pump shopping and we contacted Omnipod to see about having a 
> > rep come out to do a demo.  The rep came out and smelled like 
> > cigarette smoke, but was really nice so we gave her the 
> benefit of the 
> > doubt.  She was at our house for an hour and met all of us when she 
> > was going over the pump.  We really like the Omnipod, but I 
> can't say 
> > that our experience with the rep has been that great.  I have 
> > contacted her a few times and we saw her at diabetes camp 
> and she has 
> > treated us like she has never had any interaction with her 
> every time 
> > we contact her.  It is so weird.
> >
> > The funny thing is that she was really interested in 
> getting an "in"  
> > at our
> > doctor's office because he only recommends one pump to his patients 
> > and is pretty anti Omnipod.  It is just really weird.  When 
> we saw her 
> > at camp she had just been at our house a couple of weeks prior and 
> > knew we were going to be at this particular camp yet she 
> just looked 
> > at us blankly and introduced herself to us as if she had 
> never met us.
> >
> > In comparison we met with the Animas rep who not only wears a pump, 
> > she knew about 75% of the same people that we know because 
> the world 
> > of diabetes is such a small one and most of us parents know each 
> > other.  She was awesome with follow-up and even had 
> somebody call us 
> > to tell us our exact cost if we were to go with Animas.  We 
> also saw 
> > her at camp and she totally remembered us.
> >
> > Now, is this silly of me to expect more from the Omnipod 
> rep?  Once we 
> > make the pump decision how much contact would we really 
> have with our 
> > rep anyway?
> > I can't help but think that if her motivation to sell to us 
> is not so 
> > good now, how will it be once we actually make the purchase.  My 
> > husband is in sales and he has a huge client base and he was also 
> > totally turned off in that every time we talk to the Omnipod rep we 
> > start at square one.
> >
> > Any thoughts on this?  We really like the idea of the 
> Omnipod, but now 
> > I am so hesitant.
> > .
> .
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