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RE: [IPp] Omnipod customer service

Allie has been pumping Animas since 2004.  We have NEVER dealt with a rep.

 Our Endo gave us brochures on every pump available and said "pick what works
for you."

 We ordered the pump through Animas directly (great customer service, BTW) and
got training at the hospital.

You don't even need to deal with reps, if you don't want to.

 One thing to remember, though...A poor rep experience does not necessarily mean
a poor product. And chances are good that you'll never see that rep after you
get the OmniPod.

Father to Allie.
7 Years Old.  Dx'd 12/9/2002, pumping Animas since 2/2/2004
IR1000 2/2/2004 - 8/25/2004
IR1200 8/25/2004 - 1/16/2006
IR1200+ (1250) 1/16/2006 - 10/2007
IR2020 - 10/27 - Present

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 We are pump shopping and we contacted Omnipod to see about having a rep come
out to do a demo. The rep came out and smelled like cigarette smoke, but was
really nice so we gave her the benefit of the doubt. She was at our house for an
hour and met all of us when she was going over the pump. We really like the
Omnipod, but I can't say that our experience with the rep has been that great. I
have contacted her a few times and we saw her at diabetes camp and she has
treated us like she has never had any interaction with her every time we contact
her. It is so weird.

 The funny thing is that she was really interested in getting an "in" at our
doctor's office because he only recommends one pump to his patients and is
pretty anti Omnipod. It is just really weird. When we saw her at camp she had
just been at our house a couple of weeks prior and knew we were going to be at
this particular camp yet she just looked at us blankly and introduced herself to
us as if she had never met us.

 In comparison we met with the Animas rep who not only wears a pump, she knew
about 75% of the same people that we know because the world of diabetes is such
a small one and most of us parents know each other. She was awesome with
follow-up and even had somebody call us to tell us our exact cost if we were to
go with Animas. We also saw her at camp and she totally remembered us.

 Now, is this silly of me to expect more from the Omnipod rep? Once we make the
pump decision how much contact would we really have with our rep anyway?
  I can't help but think that if her motivation to sell to us is not so good
now, how will it be once we actually make the purchase. My husband is in sales
and he has a huge client base and he was also totally turned off in that every
time we talk to the Omnipod rep we start at square one.

 Any thoughts on this? We really like the idea of the Omnipod, but now I am so
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