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Re: [IPp] Summer Heat

We live in Dallas Texas and deal with 95 plus heat for 3 months of the year. 
My son uses Novolog in his Animas 1250 pump and I definately notice the 
insulin losing its effectiveness if he is out in the heat playing with the 
pump in his pocket or a pack for more than about 1 1/2 hours.  When he swims 
we remove the pump and put it in a cooled lunch box with his testing 
supplies by the pool.  It is just something we now watch for and if we have 
a high that can not be attributed to anything else we change the cartridge 
out immediately.  I asked our rep and he said you can buy cooler packs of 
some sort that surround your pump but it would be heavy for a child to have 
on so we have not tried that.
Good Luck!

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From: "Eric Cohen" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2006 4:46 PM
Subject: [IPp] Summer Heat

> We have been having lots of problems with Natalie in the summer heat. She 
> is
> 3 = and has been on the Animas 1250 since January (diagnosed last August).
> We have a summer place in Sonoma County and the temperature is generally 
> in
> the high 90s this time of year. Two weeks ago we were out at a playground
> for an hour or two and that night she was sky-high. It seems that the
> insulin got cooked, because things didnt get better until we changed the
> cartridge that night. Then this past weekend, we were at the pool and 
> pretty
> much the same thing happened  she was up around 450 at one point!
> The whole thing is too much of a crisis for my wife and me. Does anyone 
> have
> these problems with the heat? What strategies do you use? We are thinking
> about whether we would be better off switching to injections and
> Humalog/Lantus (if its even possible to go back and forth).
> Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.
> Eric Cohen
> .
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