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Re: [IPp] Summer Heat

 We aren't usually outside during the HEAT of the day, but when we're in the hot
sun for swimming I take a little cooler with an ice pack along and put
Jonathan's pump in it while he's swimming. We found that giving him half of his
hourly basal dose before he gets in the water keeps his blood sugars pretty
great for an hour and a half or so. Then we plug him back in for the bolus for
his snack and a correction if he needs it, the pump goes back in the cooler and
he's set for a while again.
  Hope this is helpful. I know that those high numbers and having to redo the
cartridges so often must get frustrating.
  Jonathan (4.5 yrs, dx 1/02) and Chad's (3 yrs.) mommy

Eric Cohen <email @ redacted> wrote:
  We have been having lots of problems with Natalie in the summer heat. She is
3 = and has been on the Animas 1250 since January (diagnosed last August).
We have a summer place in Sonoma County and the temperature is generally in
the high 90s this time of year. Two weeks ago we were out at a playground
for an hour or two and that night she was sky-high. It seems that the
insulin got cooked, because things didnt get better until we changed the
cartridge that night. Then this past weekend, we were at the pool and pretty
much the same thing happened  she was up around 450 at one point!

The whole thing is too much of a crisis for my wife and me. Does anyone have
these problems with the heat? What strategies do you use? We are thinking
about whether we would be better off switching to injections and
Humalog/Lantus (if its even possible to go back and forth).

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

Eric Cohen

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