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Re: [IPp] Switching Pumps

I have a 9 year old son who has been pumping with an animas 1250 for 3 
months now and he is a whiz at it.  We have not pumped with Cozmo so I can't 
compare but I did initially look at that pump and although I felt it had a 
few less button pushing necessary than the animas my son has adapted very, 
very well and knows more about it than I do.  It is certainly something a 
child of that age can understand and manipulate.  He may experience a new 
learning curve but I am cerain he will be able to handle it.  We chose 
animas for the very reasons you mentioned as well as its smaller size.
Good Luck!

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Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2006 8:57 AM
Subject: [IPp] Switching Pumps

> Hi,
> My son is currently pumping with the Deltec Cozmo. He's been using it for 
> about
> two years now and I am currently trying to switch over to the Animas IR 
> 1250
> pump. My reasons are the lower basal rate of .025, the waterproof feature, 
> and
> the food database feature. My question is are there any of you that have 
> been
> using the cozmo that have switched to the animas? Is the animas a kid 
> friendly
> pump...meaning will my 9 yr old be able to continue being independant with 
> his
> insulin pump and bolusing, correcting, etc...like he is now with the 
> cozmo.
> Thanks.
> Sarah
> --
> Sarah-Mom to Matthew age 9 dx'ed at age 2. Four years pumping, first with 
> MM
> Paradigm and now with Deltec Cozmo. Also Mom to Victoria age 11 Non-D, & 
> married
> to Jay on June 10, 2006!
> .
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