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RE: [IPp] Switching Pumps

We've never used the Cozmo but Allie, our 5-year old, can use the Animas
pump just fine with very little assistance.

 Father to Allie.
5 Years Old.  Dx'd 12/9/2002, pumping Animas since 2/2/2004
IR1000 2/2/2004 - 8/25/2004
IR1200 8/25/2004 - 1/16/2006
IR1200+ (1250) 1/16/2006 - Present

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 My son is currently pumping with the Deltec Cozmo. He's been using it
for about two years now and I am currently trying to switch over to the
Animas IR 1250 pump. My reasons are the lower basal rate of .025, the
waterproof feature, and the food database feature. My question is are
there any of you that have been using the cozmo that have switched to
the animas? Is the animas a kid friendly pump...meaning will my 9 yr old
be able to continue being independant with his insulin pump and
bolusing, correcting, etc...like he is now with the cozmo. Thanks. Sarah
 Sarah-Mom to Matthew age 9 dx'ed at age 2. Four years pumping, first
with MM Paradigm and now with Deltec Cozmo. Also Mom to Victoria age 11
Non-D, & married to Jay on June 10, 2006! .
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