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[IPp] Question about eating out

I am compiling a binder of nutrition information for various places where we 
like to eat-out.  This will be a vast improvement of my previous system of 
jumbled-up papers stuffed in the glove box!

It has been a breeze, so far, to collect information for individual places, 
like McDonalds, Sonic, and Taco Bell.  However, something I'd love to 
include in my "Dining-Out Guide" is information for Chinese food.  We all 
love it, and I know the general information for things like rice and 
noodles, but what I'm looking for is a list of common dishes served at 
Chinese restaurants and their carb, protein and fat content.  I've not been 
very successful so far in just "eyeballing" it....I'm usually giving her way 
too little insulin and she goes high later.  My goal with this guide is to 
have the information at my fingertips whenever we eat out, and give her more 
precise boluses.

So, any information on how to find nutrition information for Chinese food, 
I'd most appreciate!!!

Lori :o)

Wife to Ben
Mom to:
Crissy, age 6, dx 1/2003 pumping Cozmo since last Thursday!
Emily, age 4 going on 16
Andrew, age 19 months
Aaron, age "T-Minus four weeks or so"  (making his appearance end of next 
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