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Re: [IPp] Just started pumping...infusion set problems!!!


Thanks!  I've heard of Inset before, and if we did have to change, that's 
the one I'd go for since it seems to have the same qualities I like in the 
Cleo.  The IV3000 didn't work very well at all, it just started rolling off 
and taking the set with it.  We had some samples of the Comfort set and our 
trainer instructed us to use those until we get some different ones shipped. 
She agrees that there's an allergy or some sort of sensitivity going on and 
a change is needed.

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Sent: Monday, July 24, 2006 3:48 PM
Subject: Re: [IPp] Just started pumping...infusion set problems!!!
> Hey Lori,
> A friend of mine was telling me about the Cleo and she said the Cleo used
> different tape than the Inset's. I want to say she said tagaderm but not 
> sure
> if
> that is true. It sounds like she is definately allergic. When we first
> started pumping I tried the IV3000 on Mackenzie and it started making her 
> break
> out. Not at first but over a period of time of continuously wearing one. 
> We use
> the  Inset. It is also a 90* set like the Cleo. It has it's own inserter 
> and
> we  really like them. She doesn't use any elma cream or any other numbing
> cream.
> I hope someone can give you some advice and maybe you can stay on the Cleo
> but if not the Inset 6mm are basically the same.
> Cyndi
> Mom to Cody 15
> Jacob 4
> Mackenzie 2, dx at 13 months and pumping at 16  months
> .
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