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RE: [IPp] Re: Choosing a pump and using a Continous Glucose Monitor

Hi Stephanie:

Welcome!  You are very smart for emailing the group.  I think you'll
learn a lot from the responses.

My son Jake is 20 months old.  We use the Medtronic's pump.  AND we
bought the Continuous Glucose Monitor last month.  

We went with the Medtronic's pump last April - when Jake was 17 months
mainly because we heard that Medtronic's was coming out with a
Continuous Glucose monitor solution and we wanted it.  We love the pump
technology!  It has saved our lives. 

   My husband spent many hours researching pumps and the CGM technology.
We were leaning towards Animas pump because Jake was so small and needed
very small amounts of insulin. Yet we thought  we should have a pump
that had the CGM technology connected.     So we went with Medtronic's
Minimed pump

It's now 3 months later,  and I kind of wish we went with Animas.  There
are several reasons why.  I list a couple of the reasons.

1.  We can not seem to get Jake's basal right with the Minimed pump.  We
really do need smaller doses of insulin & Minimed does get there for us.
We have been playing around with the basals and  we are close but not
100% perfect.  I like the idea that the doses are smaller with Animas.
2.  Animas pump is water proof.  I didn't think this would be a big deal
- but it really is.  Jake likes playing in the sprinklers, and in the
sink and I'm always paranoid that he will get his pump wet. 
 3. Customer service has been an issue with Medtronic's.  I have had to
wait on the phone rather long at times when we call Medtronics.    As a
matter of fact - this morning I called them with a problem and they told
me no one was available and they would have to call me back.  I called
them at 11 am and they returned my call at 1 pm.  Last time I held on
the phone for 25-30 minutes.   This was the time that Jake's pump locked
up and would not give him any insulin.  I really needed to talk to
someone right away since I had already fed him. Not acceptable in my
mind.  Today they apologized and told me they are hiring new support
3.  Communication is not clear.  I bought the GCM last month and was
never told to get trained on it.  I guess they assumed we would know to
ask for training.   My husband read the manual and then tried the system
on Jake.   WE had an extremely hard time and bad experience with it.  I
wrote about it last week.   Needless to say, when we called Medtronic's
to discuss our problems with CGM  they told us we should have been
trained on it before we used it.  Well - my husband is a physician and
thought he would be able to figure out how to use the system by reading
the manual.  Not so!    We did get trained recently and feel better
about the CGM technology now.
4.  I am told Animas will lend you a pump when you travel - free of
charge.  Medtronic's charges you $50.00.  WE called Medtronic's recently
to see if they would loan us a pump when we go away for free.  I think
the answer was they couldn't.
5. Finally from what I read from this internet group - most of the young
kids/toddlers seem to be using Animas pumps.  I wish I had joined the
group prior to buying the pump.  I think I would have seen this trend
and went with Animas.

Anyway - this is strictly my opinion.  Others may have a great
experience with Medtronics.  Take it for what it's worth!

Good Luck!

Mom to Jake- age 20 months, dxd 12/05 pumping Minimed since 4/06    

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  I'm not sure if I'm posting this correctly -- sorry, I'm a newbie and
have until now been reading and not posting. I've learned so much here.
I have questions re: choosing a pump and the Continuous Glucose Monitor.
  My 3 year old, Jake, was dx'd 3 months ago. We are trying to pick a
pump. I want the Animas (I love the carbsmart and waterproof features)
but might go with MiniMed. The reason I might go with MiniMed is because
of the Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM).
  Can any of you out there speak to your like/dislike of Animas, and in
particular, if you use and like the carbsmart feature?
  Have any of you parents used the CGM with your children? Although it
is not yet FDA approved for kids, there are Dr's out there willing to
prescribe it "off label" for use with children. I just don't know if
it's realistic to put on a little 3 year old.
  If we are going to go for the CGM, then I think MiniMed is the way to
There CGM "talks" directly to the pump, and has other good features. If
we are not going to try the CGM, then I would really like to go with
  I read on the other digest that MM has just been approved for a "stand
CGM, which would mean the CGM could be used with any pump. Does anyone
have any info about that? If that's the case, I could use a MM CGM with
an Animas pump.
  By the way, for any of you curious, insurance won't pay for the CGM
yet (although I did read one person's post that said they did get
insurance to pay for it). The CGM is 1,000 for the MM version, plus 35
dollars per each sensor.
The sensors must be replaced every 3 days, so it's pricey!
  My main reason for wanting the CGM is to gather info. Although I can't
Jake on the CGM's bg readings, I can gather lots of info, since it gives
"readings" of his bg every 5 minutes. It has alarms that will go off if
he is going high or low, which I would love to have -- especially at
night. It might mean my husband and I can sleep at night.
  There are other issues -- being so small, it's a lot of equipment to
put on a little one's body. There is a 30 day return, in case he rejects
having it on, I could return it. I would love to get feedback on
people's experiences with either MM or Animas pumps, and, any experience
with people using CGM's, either by MM or Dexcom.
  Thanks in advance!
  Stephanie in CA, mom to Jake, 3, and Hunter, almost 7
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