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RE: [IPp] Re: Choosing a pump and using a Continous Glucose Monitor

Good point.  You should definitely meet both reps.  I am not sure what I
would do without our Medtronic Rep.  She travels an hour to see me every
few months, and I e-mail her at least once a week.  She answers my
e-mails immediately.  Make sure your pump rep. is willing to help you


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I'd like to second the comments posted by the Kubicka Family.
Our family has three type 1 diabetics all on the Animas IR 1250 insulin 
pump.  My wife was dx in 2001 and started pumping with a Minimed 512 in
while pregnant with our son.  My daughter was dx 2 month away from her
bday and started on an Animas IR1250 about six months later due to it's
basal rates and waterproofness (at which time my wife also switched to
IR 1250 due to many of its features including the insulin on board 
calculations).  Our son was dx a month after his 2nd bday and started on
IR 1250 three months later.
For the kids, which are relatively thin, we use a 6mm Inset along the
top of 
the buttocks and rotate sides each site change.  We use ice in a baggie
or a 
small ice pack to cool the area before insertion and cover the entire
with and IV3000 dressing to prevent from snagging on the site when
pants/underwear up and down.  No problems with the sites coming off in
pool or tub.
We have had good customer support with any pump issues from both
but feel the local sales rep for the company plays a huge roll in
satisfaction.  Our Animas rep in western PA is outstanding - going above
beyond in so many ways.
We also use the hard copy of CalorieKing to aid in carb counting and
use the carbsmart feature on the pump.  We have copies of it at home, 
relatives, preschool, and my wife's purse.  If you are at a chain
and the item is not in the book most places have the nutritional
analysis if 
you ask the manager for it.
We are also waiting until insurance covers the CGMS and hoping the size
the sensor site will get better by then also.
Good Luck to you and just select which ever pump you think will work
for you.

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Subject: Re: [IPp] Re: Choosing a pump and using a Continous Glucose
> Hi Stephanie,
> Kudos to you for working on getting a pump for Jake quickly.  We love 
> having
> a pump!
> We chose Animas for the waterproof features and the smaller
> The
> small basal increments are *so* helpful during the honeymoon period.
> We've never used the carb database, but carb count very carefully
> the
> Calorie King" book.
> We knew the CGMS was coming for Minimed when we chose to go with
> but
> we felt that there was just so much you could hang from a toddler's
> and it without it being covered by insurance initially, we chose to
> for
> that.  When it is covered by insurance, we could petition a new pump 
> before
> the warranty on our Animas is over, due to medical necessity.  We 
> definitely
> will be using a CGMS when it's covered by insurance.  At that time,
> will be big enough to have another device attached.  It would be
> if
> that would happen by kindergarten...   :)
> The only thing I don't like abou the animas pump is the fixed time
> increments for the I:C ratios.  So sometimes it's a pain if breakfast
> late or lunch is early then it uses the wrong ratio.  It's easy to 
> override
> though, just a minor pain.
> Best of luck to you.  I'll repeat what someone told me when we were
> to decide which pump to go with:  whatever pump you choose, you'll
love it
> and not be able to imagine life without it!
> Melissa
> Married to Tom 20 years
> Mom to Jono (12 yrs), Jacob (7 yrs)
> and Mollie ( 3 yrs, dx 9-16-05, pumping Animas 12-12-05)
> Hastings, Nebraska
> "I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that
> didn't trust me so much."
> ---Mother Teresa
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