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RE: [IPp] Re: Choosing a pump and using a Continous Glucose Monitor

Welcome to our group!  I am sad that you have had to join our group, but
happy that you have joined in!  Two heads are better than one!

I am severely Medtronic and CGM biased, just so you know.  As a whole
though, I am so excited that you want your son pumping and are even
considering CGM!!  I believe that staying with the "cutting edge" brings
a little excitement to the whole situation.  And things are definitely
moving fast!  You will want to make sure that you go with a company that
will let you trade up.  Medtronic has a great program, and I would bet
that Animas does too.

My eleven year old boy has been using both since February.  Our family
thinks it is amazing.  We paid out of pocket, but since have gotten
insurance coverage.  Lots of adults in my area have gotten coverage, but
I think we are the first family of a minor that has gotten coverage.  I
do not think it will be long.  People need to stop saying that it is not
covered because it is covered in many situations.  Sometimes it just
takes a few appeals.

 In the last year, Medtronic has had their second generation stand alone
CGM (the Guardian RT, home use) FDA approved, then DexCom STS had their
CGM FDA approved, then Medtronic had their pump/continuous monitor
(Paradigm Real-Time, 522) FDA approved, and now last week, Medtronic had
their third generation, stand alone CGM approved (Guardian Real Time)
approved.  It was rolled out fast to meet the competition features of
DexCom STS and the Abbott Navigator is soon to be FDA approved.  Make
sure to take into consideration how fast things are moving.  

We are due to receive the pump/CGM in a few weeks.  We were able to get
a great deal from Medtronic on the upgrade from the pump + guardian RT
to the pump/CGMS even though we just bought the guardian RT in February.

We love the fact that we will no longer need another monitor for the
blood sugar readings when we get the new pump/CGM.  Right now, Tommy 60
lbs., wears the Guardian RT monitor on his pants and also his pump.
With the new pump he will just have to keep track of the pump, which is
connected to him anyways.  If you go with the Animas now, once you start
the CGM from DexCom or Medtronic or Abbott you would need to have Jake
wear another monitor, either on the waist of his pants or in his pocket.
I think that would be a one extra thing that you will have to keep track
of for an active 3 year old.

I have just corresponded with a mom who is trying the Medtronic Paradigm
Real Time pump on a one year old.  Would you like me to ask her if you
could have her e-mail?

The pump has a bit of a learning curve associated with it, but the
sensors have an even longer one.  It takes a long time to get used to
wearing them, but once you do, it seems very easy.  It took us at least
5 sensor insertions, before we felt like it was no big deal.  It took 2
pump insertions before we felt like it was o.k.  (We still use numbing
cream for both insertions.  I would highly recommend it.)

Good Luck with your decision!  You know where to come for opinions!!


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  I'm not sure if I'm posting this correctly -- sorry, I'm a newbie and
until now been reading and not posting. I've learned so much here. I
questions re: choosing a pump and the Continuous Glucose Monitor.
  My 3 year old, Jake, was dx'd 3 months ago. We are trying to pick a
pump. I
want the Animas (I love the carbsmart and waterproof features) but might
go with
MiniMed. The reason I might go with MiniMed is because of the Continuous
Monitor (CGM).
  Can any of you out there speak to your like/dislike of Animas, and in
particular, if you use and like the carbsmart feature?
  Have any of you parents used the CGM with your children? Although it
is not
yet FDA approved for kids, there are Dr's out there willing to prescribe
it "off
label" for use with children. I just don't know if it's realistic to put
on a
little 3 year old.
  If we are going to go for the CGM, then I think MiniMed is the way to
There CGM "talks" directly to the pump, and has other good features. If
we are
not going to try the CGM, then I would really like to go with Animas.
  I read on the other digest that MM has just been approved for a "stand
CGM, which would mean the CGM could be used with any pump. Does anyone
have any
info about that? If that's the case, I could use a MM CGM with an Animas
  By the way, for any of you curious, insurance won't pay for the CGM
(although I did read one person's post that said they did get insurance
to pay
for it). The CGM is 1,000 for the MM version, plus 35 dollars per each
The sensors must be replaced every 3 days, so it's pricey!
  My main reason for wanting the CGM is to gather info. Although I can't
Jake on the CGM's bg readings, I can gather lots of info, since it gives
"readings" of his bg every 5 minutes. It has alarms that will go off if
he is
going high or low, which I would love to have -- especially at night. It
mean my husband and I can sleep at night.
  There are other issues -- being so small, it's a lot of equipment to
put on a
little one's body. There is a 30 day return, in case he rejects having
it on, I
could return it. I would love to get feedback on people's experiences
either MM or Animas pumps, and, any experience with people using CGM's,
by MM or Dexcom.
  Thanks in advance!
  Stephanie in CA, mom to Jake, 3, and Hunter, almost 7
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