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[IPp] Just started pumping...infusion set problems!!!

My six year old daughter just started with her pump on Thursday.  We're 
checking her sugar every 2 hours and making daily adjustments to her basal 
rates and such.  Things are coming along in that department, BUT...we've 
already had to change her set four times because of itching, pain, or 

Twice now, when I've removed her set for changing (keeping in mind that 
she's yet to keep a set in for more than 24 hours at a time!), I've found 
areas of irritation--not near the cannula, and not under the adhesive--but 
in-between.  It looks like an angry, red rash and it occurs in a nearly 
perfect circle pattern between the cannula entry, and inside the adhesive 
residue left when the set's removed.  We've been using the Cleo 90 sets and 
we have a Cozmo pump.

I've been talking to the trainer daily and keeping her updated with all of 
this.  I JUST now changed her set for the fourth or fifth time since 
starting on the pump, and this time I put down IV3000 before 
insertion...maybe that will protect her skin?  If this doesn't work, I'm 
feeling like we're about to have to change the type of set we use.  Which is 
a shame, because I REALLY like the design of the Cleo 90.

Has anyone else used the Cleo 90 and had a problem like this?  Is there 
something similar on the market that won't cause this type of problem??? 
Any tips on how we can solve this problem w/o switching sets?

Lori :o)
Sleep-deprived mom to
Crystal, 6, dx 1/13/03
Emily, 4
Andrew, 19 months
Baby #4 due in approx. 4 weeks! 
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