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RE: [IPp] Re: Choosing a pump and using a Continous Glucose Monitor

We use the Animas pump and love the Carbsmart database and the waterproof
feature.  My son started pumping at age 5 and my husband pumps with
Animas also.  It's a very kid friendly pump because it has the lowest
basal rate on the market and allows precise dosage of insulin. My husband
had worn a medtronic pump for several years before switching to Animas
and we have seen such a huge improvement in customer service through
Animas. The Medtronic CGMS is not approved for kids at this point,
therefore not covered by insurance.  I believe the Medtronic pump and
CGMS also only work together so if your child stops using the pump for
one reason or another then the CGMS won't work.  I truly believe that by
the time approval comes out for usage in kids and insurance covers it,
there will be other great things on the market.  My husband purchased the
Dexcom system which is cheaper by far than the Metronic system and can be
used alone.  You can wear it whenever you want to collect data.  He is
going to let my son wear it to give us more information.  The system was
$500 (some dr. offices are promoting it for $250 to increase awareness)
and the sensors are about $30.  The good thing is that it can be used
separate from the pump.  He loves it and it has been giving him very
accurate readings when he compares it to finger stick tests.  Hope the
information helps!

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