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[IPp] Re: Choosing a pump and using a Continous Glucose Monitor

  I'm not sure if I'm posting this correctly -- sorry, I'm a newbie and have
until now been reading and not posting. I've learned so much here. I have
questions re: choosing a pump and the Continuous Glucose Monitor.
  My 3 year old, Jake, was dx'd 3 months ago. We are trying to pick a pump. I
want the Animas (I love the carbsmart and waterproof features) but might go with
MiniMed. The reason I might go with MiniMed is because of the Continuous Glucose
Monitor (CGM).
  Can any of you out there speak to your like/dislike of Animas, and in
particular, if you use and like the carbsmart feature?
  Have any of you parents used the CGM with your children? Although it is not
yet FDA approved for kids, there are Dr's out there willing to prescribe it "off
label" for use with children. I just don't know if it's realistic to put on a
little 3 year old.
  If we are going to go for the CGM, then I think MiniMed is the way to go.
There CGM "talks" directly to the pump, and has other good features. If we are
not going to try the CGM, then I would really like to go with Animas.
  I read on the other digest that MM has just been approved for a "stand alone"
CGM, which would mean the CGM could be used with any pump. Does anyone have any
info about that? If that's the case, I could use a MM CGM with an Animas pump.
  By the way, for any of you curious, insurance won't pay for the CGM yet
(although I did read one person's post that said they did get insurance to pay
for it). The CGM is 1,000 for the MM version, plus 35 dollars per each sensor.
The sensors must be replaced every 3 days, so it's pricey!
  My main reason for wanting the CGM is to gather info. Although I can't "dose"
Jake on the CGM's bg readings, I can gather lots of info, since it gives
"readings" of his bg every 5 minutes. It has alarms that will go off if he is
going high or low, which I would love to have -- especially at night. It might
mean my husband and I can sleep at night.
  There are other issues -- being so small, it's a lot of equipment to put on a
little one's body. There is a 30 day return, in case he rejects having it on, I
could return it. I would love to get feedback on people's experiences with
either MM or Animas pumps, and, any experience with people using CGM's, either
by MM or Dexcom.
  Thanks in advance!
  Stephanie in CA, mom to Jake, 3, and Hunter, almost 7

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