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Re: [IPp] infusion sets for skitterish girl

 Hello, Could you please expound on what the strategies are for dealing with
adhesive problems and numbing cream and water activities!! Thanks, Melinda

Hi Tom,

I would definitely recommend numbing cream for the first few months,
especially for the first site experience so that she doesn't have a bad
experience that colors her feelings about pumping in general. We started
with EMLA (need prescription and covered by insurance) that irritated Mollie
s skin so now we use LMX4 (don't need prescription and not covered by
insurance) both available from your pharmacist--they may need an extra day
or two to order it in.

A CDE might recommend *not* using numbing cream routinely because if the
site would pull out, you may not be able to wait the 15-30 minutes it will
take for the cream to take effect before replacing the site. However, in
on-line pump training, we learned that you correct with a syringe if you're
high from the site coming out. So it really doesn't make sense not to use
it just for that very occasional reason. Also, if you really need to, site
changes can be done without the cream. (We've done them in the YMCA locker
room a few times after a site came out while swimming. With all the
distractions in the locker room, Mollie didn't complain.)

One downfall of the numbing cream is that it can affect the adhesive staying
on in water. There are strategies for that though, that we're perfecting
this summer.

As far as sets themselves, we use insets (http://WWW.infusion-set
com/Default.asp?ID=88#FAQ39). They are automatic insertion/site all in one
unit that you dispose of after one use. We've never used the manually
inserted sets. The sight of them scares me, and I would bet they'd terrify
your daughter, as you describe her as being afraid of needles. As a mom, I
d do a manual insertion if I ever needed to, of course. Just glad I've
never needed to. :)

We use 6mm canula. There's also 9mm available. If your daughter is thin,
they recommend the shorter 6mm canula.

Also, I've heard some good things about the new Cleo's (http://WWW
cleoinfusionsets.com/) , including that the automatic inserter for them
doesn't make the loud (and jarring to skittish kids) sound when it activates
Don't have first-hand experience with them, though.

Keep in mind, as you're choosing your pump that the Mini-Med pump has
proprietary sets, so neither of these that I mention could be used with
those pumps.

Good luck, you'll love pumping, and I'm sure your daughter will also. It
gave us back a more "normal" lifestyle!

Married to Tom 20 years
Mom to Jono (12 yrs), Jacob (7 yrs)
and Mollie ( 3 yrs, dx 9-16-05, pumping Animas 12-12-05)
Hastings, Nebraska

"I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He
didn't trust me so much."
---Mother Teresa

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From: Thomas Pearson
Date: 07/21/06 21:04:49
To: email @ redacted
Subject: [IPp] infusion sets for skitterish girl

Do any of you have any
recommendations and advice about what infusion sets to use for a thin six
old who is extremely afraid of needles and such? Any similar experiences?

Tom Pearson

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