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Re: [IPp] infusion sets for skitterish girl

  If your daughter is very thin you will probably want to use an 
angled insertion set. We use the Comfort short angled sets for my 3 
year old son. The pump company originally sent us the straight inset 
sites but my son was too thin for them (and he still has a little bit 
of baby fat) so we couldn't use them. It was very uncomfortable for my 
son to use the straight inset sites - it would cause a burning 
sensation every time we gave him a bolus. The insulin absorption rate 
also was not right with the straight insets. 
  We use prilocaine & lidocaine numbing cream (I think generic for 
EMLA) when we change sites. I don't understand why some people say 
that you shouldn't use the cream because you might need to change the 
site right away and then you wouldn't be able to use it. In our pump 
training we were taught that if you ever needed to change the site 
because of absorption problems and a high blood sugar that you should 
give an injection to correct the high and then change the site. If the 
site fell out our pump rep said that you can be disconnected from the 
pump for an hour or so anyway, so there's not any immediate danger to 
wait 20-30 minutes for the numbing cream to work before putting a new 
site in. It takes us about 15-20 minutes just to get everything ready 
to change the site anyway (taking insulin out, gathering supplies, 
filling the cartridge, etc.) 
   Our son is very fearful of the needle when we do site changes and 
sometimes it is hard (have to hold him down) but it is still much 
better than doing 4 or more injections everyday. He can't feel the 
needle going in because of the numbing cream but he gets very upset if 
he sees the needle. We just try to distract him and do it as quickly 
as we can. The level of control that you can gain by using the pump 
makes the site changes well worth it even if your daughter is very 
skittish about it. Before going on the pump we talked it up a lot to 
our son and he was very excited when his pump arrived. He's very proud 
of his pump and shows it to everyone he meets. If you are positive 
about the pump and teach your daughter about the advantages of using 
it I think you might be surprised about how well she handles using it. 
My son has always surprised us with how brave he is handling 
everything related to diabetes.
Good luck!

----- Original Message -----
From: Mark & Kristen Bridgeman <email @ redacted>
Date: Saturday, July 22, 2006 10:13 am
Subject: Re: [IPp] infusion sets for skitterish girl
To: email @ redacted
> My son is extremely thin....we use the angled Comforts (which are 
> the same
> thing as Accuchecks mini tenders.  You can also get numbing cream, 
> but we
> tried it without and in his rear, he generally does not feel too 
> much and
> then it is forgotten till the next site change.
> Kristen
> -- 
> Kristen - mom of Katie (14), Joe (12) and Will (10, dxd 3/05, 
> pumping Cosmo
> since 1/06!!)
> On 7/21/06 9:04 PM, "Thomas Pearson" 
> <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > Hello all,
> > 
> > We are in the process of deciding on a pump to get for our six 
> year old
> > daughter.  A rep from one of the three pump companies came by to 
> demonstrate > their pump. She also had a Thinset infusion set that 
> she implanted into me
> (my
> > daughter was not home).  It did not hurt at all when it went in 
> but I have to
> > admit that I did notice it's presence as the day went on. My 
> daughter is very
> > skitterish about these things, which is why we like the idea of 
> a pump as she
> > has not gotten used to injections.  We likteraly have four 
> battles each day
> > when it is time for an injection.  I am afraid that if she felt 
> the infusion
> > set that she would reject this whole thing.  Do any of you have any
> > recommendations and advice about what infusion sets to use for 
> a thin six
> year
> > old who is extremely afraid of needles and such?  Any similar 
> experiences?> 
> > Tom Pearson
> > .
> .
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