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Re: [IPp] infusion sets for skitterish girl

 These kinds of statements bother me.....we have used the manually inserted
Comforts for going on five years with Mary (she does her own now)......when
parents voice their fears they are setting up fears in others, especially their
children, but also new pumpers..........certainly I was fearful when we started
pumping but Mary never knew it.....I showed her the sites and how little of it
actually went in and that wasn't it cool the way it worked etc etc.....why set
yourself up to have a scared child especially when you could end up like us and
it is the only set that really works?...........we used Emla for years as I
figure she has enough pain but she did have random sites without it where we
used ice......the Comforts/Sils are still the most recommended site for
youngsters...........explain everything to your child in a fun, interesting
way...let her feel the bendability of the cannala and the very thin inserter
needle........explain how cool the little computer is and
  what all it can do..........make her feel like it is a new PS3 game if you
know what I mean..........
  Good luck with pumping...........it gave us back our lives...
  Bev, mom ot Mary, 13 today!, dx 97, pumping Animas 2001

The Kubicka Family <email @ redacted> wrote:
 We've never used the manually
inserted sets. The sight of them scares me, and I would bet they'd terrify
your daughter, as you describe her as being afraid of needles. As a mom, I
d do a manual insertion if I ever needed to, of course. Just glad I've
never needed to. :)


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