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Re: [IPp] Constant glucose tracking may not improve outcomes

Just because the study doesn't confirm the assumed benefit of CGM
doesn't make it suspect.  The small size is perfectly appropriate for
a preliminary study of this question.  That's why the study
investigators say that more study is needed...

Octavia, mom to Ailsa

On 7/19/06, email @ redacted <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I think there are several reasons this study is suspect.  First, as  you say,
> small size.  Second, as you also say, it sounds like they only  made
>  adjustments every 3 weeks based on review of 72-hour readings. Most parents
> would
> adjust much more quickly.  Third, it was apparently a combo  of kids on pumps
> and on injections, and while I know theoretically one can get  equally good
>  control with shots, all those kids are lacking the tools of multiple basal
> rates,
> temporary and extended rates, etc.  Lastly, the  goal of the study was to
 > determine whether the continuous monitor improved control. It did not address
> quality of life issues, which as we  all know do in the long term impinge on
 > control. The study said that additional finger sticks and analysis might
> the same results as the  cgm.  Additional finger sticks are not an attractive
> option for most  kids, therefore they may not do it.
> One interesting thing-- the study said that the increased bg control came
>  "at the cost of increased duration of hypoglycemia" in the group that was on
> the
>  continuous glucose monitors.  I don't see why only this group would have
> increased duration of hypos. Doesn't it seem more likely that both groups had
> the increased duration, but the continuous monitors picked up the whole
 > duration of the hypo where the intermittent finger sticks did not? That would
> be an
>  argument in favor of the cgm, in my opinion.  Plus, we would love any
 > improvement in control but are really interested in the cgm as a safely
> to
> guard against lows at night or while driving.
> Mary
> Mom of Dan,  15 (dx 4-01, pumping since 5-03), Chris, 23, Carrie, 19, and
> guardian of Mike,  19.
> .
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