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RE: [IPp] Continuous Monitoring Insurance Coverage

We don't have a set day that he wears it.  Sometimes it goes on because
he is going to a sleepover.  Sometimes it goes on because I can't figure
out why he is high at certain time.  Sometimes I feel like I need to
more aggressively change the basals, so we put it on as additional
safety net.

We had to quick put it on once because Tommy thought he was doing a
fixed prime with his pump and was really just priming, so he dosed 8-12
units into himself (He gets around 15 a day.)  So we put it on him to
avoid an emergency room visit and then just kept it on.  


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Thanks for the info.  Another question:  how do you decide what  days
son should be on the monitor?  Are you using it mostly to track  trends
than to catch lows?
And Joy, please keep us informed on how you are doing with the  monitor.
You guys are the pioneers and have a lot to teach us!
Mom of Dan,  15 (dx 4-01, pumping since 5-03), Chris, 23, Carrie, 19,
guardian of Mike,  19.
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