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RE: [IPp] Continuous Monitoring Insurance Coverage

The whole unit is not replaced.  It is just the transmitter that sticks
onto the skin that needs to be replaced.  The transmitter is filled with
batteries that cannot be replaced.  The transmitter was designed that
way to make it worthy of the term "waterproof" to the FDA. My insurance
is paying for it because it is part of the system.  Without it the
sensors and the computer programming in the pump will not work.  I doubt
highly that when we go to replace our first transmitter that it will be
$900.  Anyways, in about 1 year, when we would be replacing our
transmitter, Medtronic will be introducing the transmitter that will be
the size of a quarter.  My son will be happy to get the new one. 

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 it's funny(NOT) to hear you guys talking about this needing to be
every year. I have not heard that once from my minimed rep nor have I
seen it on
the website. I REALLY hate when they leave little details like that
 If I were to get insurance to cover, would they be inclined to buy me a
new one
every year??

 Jamie Anderson-mom to Zachary(13 Dx 7/05 and pumping since 8/05),
Cleo(10 Dx
3/04 and pumping since 11/04), Jamison(7), and Addalyn(1)

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 We Would Love it also, But out of Pocket We Can't see $999 each year.
Yes it
would be Great for nights. one reason I was looking into it.. I just
wish More
Insurance Co seen How Great this Item is and How Good it can be..

Mom to Amanda Dx 2/17/05

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