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RE: [IPp] family bed

My son Jake was diagnosed at 12 months.  He was sleeping through the
night at that time but since he was hospitalized with diabetes - he
became panicked about sleeping alone.   Once released from the hospital
he would wake up 2-4 times a night.  We would constantly check his
sugars to see what was going on and then we would put him in bed with
us..   This went on for  6-7 months. We did this mostly because we
needed to get as much sleep as we could.   My husband and I both work
full time.   After a while, when we knew Jake's sugars were ok overnight
- thanks to the pump,  we soon realized the bed routine was becoming a
bad habit.  We were scared that he would be sleeping with us for the
next 10 years.  So we decided to try and break the habit before it was
too late.  We did this  by going in Jake's room and sleeping with him on
the floor every time he would wake up.  Once he fell asleep we would
leave and go back to our own beds.  If he got up again that same night
we would go back in his room and sleep with him on the floor. Jake is
still in a crib so the floor was the only option.  It was pretty hard at
first.  I did this routine more than my husband.   I eventually bought
an air mattress for Jake to sleep on.  We would only use it in the
middle of the night. We would put Jake to sleep in his crib.  Once we
started sleeping next to him on the floor and then leaving once he was a
sleep- the pattern of him getting up at night eventually went away.
It's only been 3 weeks - but he has slept through the night pretty much
every night now.   I guess he figured out that he was not going to get
the reward of sleeping next to mom and dad in a big comfortable bed.

I know that your daughter is much older than Jake and probably has
different needs. But  it may have also become a habit.  You may want to
try to break the habit by doing the same thing.  Don't let her sleep in
your bed anymore.   Let her know that things are going to change at
night and if she is having problems sleeping she should wake you up and
you will go lay down in her bed with her.  Then once she is asleep you
can leave and go back to your own bed.  Eventually she will see that she
can make it in her own bed.  Hopefully the habit will go away. I

Good luck!
mom to Jacob - 20 months, dx 12/05 at 12 months, pumping minimed since

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Good Morning All,

 I haven't seen this topic addressed in our forum but then again I only
joined about 9 months ago. My daughter is almost 12 and was diagnosed in
December 2004.
Prior to diagnosis, Frances would crawl into bed with us during the
night about
2-3 times a week, usually around 5am after she woke to use the restroom.
Since one of us would be getting up near that time anyway we didn't make
a big deal about it. Sometimes Frances would go a week or more without
joining us. If her sisters spend the night out she wants to sleep with
us since our bedroom is downstairs and Frances feels "lonely."

 Frances is a very intelligent, organized child (aren't they all?). She
is very particular about her appearance. She keeps her room very neat
and she likes to keep everything else neat as well. This neatness has
escalated since diagnosis - she will walk in the house and start
straightening everything, sweeping, etc.
Maybe she is a little OCD?

 She does a good job with diabetes management considering her age. She
likes to do site changes herself, she likes to manage her pump herself,
etc. She does well in school, plays several sports, does stuff with
friends (less friend visits this summer since many of her friends are at
camps on or vacations), fights with her sisters - pretty typical kid.

 In the last two months or so, Frances wants to sleep with us every
night. She doesn't have a problem going to sleep in her own bed. She
just wakes up every night and joins us. We've tried limiting liquids at
night, getting her new sheets & comforter, rearranging her room to make
it cozier, etc. My husband and I are usually so dead asleep that we
don't even notice when she comes in. If you ask Frances about sleeping
with us, she says she feels "better when I'm in the middle of Mom and
Dad." She doesn't get upset if we talk about it (unless one of her
sisters comments). My husband and I don't treat her like a baby, she
does chores, is punished when necessary.

 How do we reclaim our bedroom? I want Frances to feel safe by herself.
I know diabetes is a factor in this - perhaps the OCD is her way to gain
control since her body has failed her. I'd appreciate your thoughts.
Thank you and have a blessed day,
Lecie Harrison
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