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Re: [IPp] family bed

It appears that our children will regress a bit and do things that will make
them feel comfortable/safe after diagnosis.  Prior to diagnosis, our
daughter had pretty much stopped sucking her thumb.  It's been 1.5 years
since diagnosis and she is still doing it.

On 7/13/06, email @ redacted <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Good Morning All,
> I haven't seen this topic addressed in our forum but then again I only
> joined
> about 9 months ago. My daughter is almost 12 and was diagnosed in December
> 2004.
> Prior to diagnosis, Frances would crawl into bed with us during the night
> about
> 2-3 times a week, usually around 5am after she woke to use the restroom.
> Since
> one of us would be getting up near that time anyway we didn't make a big
> deal
> about it. Sometimes Frances would go a week or more without joining us. If
> her
> sisters spend the night out she wants to sleep with us since our bedroom
> is
> downstairs and Frances feels "lonely."
> Frances is a very intelligent, organized child (aren't they all?). She is
> very
> particular about her appearance. She keeps her room very neat and she
> likes to
> keep everything else neat as well. This neatness has escalated since
> diagnosis -
> she will walk in the house and start straightening everything, sweeping,
> etc.
> Maybe she is a little OCD?
> She does a good job with diabetes management considering her age. She
> likes to
> do site changes herself, she likes to manage her pump herself, etc. She
> does
> well in school, plays several sports, does stuff with friends (less friend
> visits this summer since many of her friends are at camps on or
> vacations),
> fights with her sisters - pretty typical kid.
> In the last two months or so, Frances wants to sleep with us every night.
> She
> doesn't have a problem going to sleep in her own bed. She just wakes up
> every
> night and joins us. We've tried limiting liquids at night, getting her new
> sheets & comforter, rearranging her room to make it cozier, etc. My
> husband and
> I are usually so dead asleep that we don't even notice when she comes in.
> If you
> ask Frances about sleeping with us, she says she feels "better when I'm in
> the
> middle of Mom and Dad." She doesn't get upset if we talk about it (unless
> one of
> her sisters comments). My husband and I don't treat her like a baby, she
> does
> chores, is punished when necessary.
> How do we reclaim our bedroom? I want Frances to feel safe by herself. I
> know
> diabetes is a factor in this - perhaps the OCD is her way to gain control
> since
> her body has failed her. I'd appreciate your thoughts.
> Thank you and have a blessed day,
> Lecie Harrison
> .
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