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Re: [IPp] Stem Cell Bill Coming Up for Senate Vote

    Sorry I should have been a little more specific in my email, we do not 
support embryonic stem cell research. You can learn more about the debate 
and the issues involved by reading President Bush's statement on this 
    This description of embryonic stem cell research was taken from the 
NIH's website:
"Where do stem cells come from?
Pluripotent stem cells are isolated from human embryos that are a few days 
old. Cells from these embryos can be used to create pluripotent stem cell 
"lines" -cell cultures that can be grown indefinitely in the laboratory. 
Pluripotent stem cell lines have also been developed from fetal tissue 
obtained from fetal tissue (older than 8 weeks of development)."
  "Embryos from which ESCs [embroyonic stem cells] are extracted are 
destroyed in the process."
  I am a Christian and believe we should value all life. It is never okay to 
destroy one human being in an effort to cure another. As President Bush 
states, "Even the most noble ends do not justify any means." There are other 
sources of stem cells that can be used for research that do not involve 
destroying life - such as adult cells, umbilical cords that are discarded 
after babies are born, and from human placenta.
  There is also other promising research for a cure for type 1 diabetes that 
does not involve the use of embryonic stem cells. I hope you got a chance to 
visit the Iacocca Foundation's website at www.joinleenow.org Dr. Faustman's 
research has cured type 1 diabetes in mice and clinical trials in humans are 
scheduled to begin in 2007.
Mom to Riley (5), Cole (3, dx'd 9/05 pumping Animas since 6/06), Owen (20 

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> Can you  call and tell them to vote no? We do not support stem cell 
> research.
> Won't  get into the huge argument about it. There's promising research for
> curing  type 1 diabetes without utilizing stem cell research. Visit this 
> site
> for  more info:
> www.joinleenow.org
> I'm sorry, I visited this site and am not sure why I should not support 
> stem
> cell research. Can you please explain?
> Thanks,
> Maria  mom of Gabrielle 7 pumping  on Animas since  4
> .
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