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[IPp] OK, now I'm getting mad!

Please help.  This is the process I've been using to get sites to stick
(thanks to ideas from the list)

*Clean area with "Dawn" dishwashing  liquid (to remove any possible oily
residue from numbing cream)

*Clean with alcohol

*Wipe with IV Prep

*Apply mastisol, rather thickly and fan until dry and tacky

*Insert Inset site

*Put on tegaderm patch, with hole cut in center for site (tried IV3000 in
past, came right off in water)

I'm getting so frustrated;  they're still coming off from being in water
(sweat not really a factor).  Today Mollie and I went to a play date and the
kids had a wading pool and slip & slide.  Played in water for maybe 1 hour.
Before we went, I reattached the loose edges of the tegaderm with more
mastisol.  We were home an hour or two, and noticed the darn thing had come
out.  The top edge was still stuck, the bottom was loose and had allowed the
canula to come out and fold over.  I'M GETTING SO FRUSTRATED!  I want Mollie
to be able to swim and play in the water like other kids.  What am I doing
wrong?  The only other thing I can think of is to put on a 2nd tegaderm
patch, at a 90 degree angle to the first.

Any other suggestions?  Thanks in advance.

Married to Tom 20 years
Mom to Jono (12 yrs), Jacob (7 yrs)
and Mollie ( 3 yrs, dx 9-16-05, pumping Animas 12-12-05)
Hastings, Nebraska

"I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He
didn't trust me so much."
---Mother Teresa

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