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Re: [IPp] water park

the reason he is going low when swimming is because it is a gradual exercise 
and not an aerobic one.  Most parks have a first aid station with a 
refrigerator.  We always take our insulin and pump to them when we go to a 
water park.

mom to Tiff dx 7/02 pumping 8/03
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From: "Beverly P White" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2006 10:49 AM
Subject: Re: [IPp] water park
> Many times the lockers are too hot for insulin storage....
>  Bev
> Carla J McGeorge <email @ redacted> wrote:
>  Hi Stacey,
> We went to Big Surf waterpark a few weeks ago and just like last year, we
> disconnected. Not sure that would be safe for everyone, but both times we
> went it worked for us. Cameron is 8 and has an Animas pump as well. The
> first time we went, Cameron's site was ripped out on one of the rides and
> I was afraid he would loose his pump. I put in another site, rented a
> locker to store his pump and we just hooked as needed. We did BG checks
> about every hour or 2 and had no problems. There was always IOB - either
> from breakfast, a snack or lunch, so I wasn't concerned about ketones.
> I wrote in a few weeks ago about low BG's while swimming. Cameron has
> more lows during swimming than any other activity. He went swimming one
> day in summer school (we disconnected) and every hour at safety check, he
> was low. One time as low as 35. I would load him up on carbs and an hour
> later - low again. It was very worrisome. We joke that his pancreas woke
> up from it's nap and decided to work overtime.
> Was it you that said " The only consistent thing about diabetes is the
> inconsistency"...
> I couldn't have said it better!
> Good luck and have fun at the water park!
> Carla, Mom to Cameron age 8
> Diagnosed w/cancer 6-2001 (Wilms' tumor - in remission),
> High blood pressure 12-2001,
> Diabetes 11-2002 pumping with Animas since 7-2004
> Asthma, etc. etc.
> Cam's website: www.caringbridge.org/mo/cameron/
> Beverly
> Art classes/seminars/camps, pet, child, adult portraits, murals, 
> hand-painted
> glass and wood, handmade purses, rugs and blankets
> www.parsonwhitestudios.com
> .
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