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[IPp] water park

Hi Stacey, 
We went to Big Surf waterpark a few weeks ago and just like last year, we
disconnected. Not sure that would be safe for everyone, but both times we
went it worked for us. Cameron is 8 and has an Animas pump as well. The
first time we went, Cameron's site was ripped out on one of the rides and
I was afraid he would loose his pump. I put in another site, rented a
locker to store his pump and we just hooked as needed. We did BG checks
about every hour or 2 and had no problems. There was always IOB - either
from breakfast, a snack or lunch, so I wasn't concerned about ketones. 

I wrote in a few weeks ago about low BG's while swimming. Cameron has
more lows during swimming than any other activity. He went swimming one
day in summer school (we disconnected) and every hour at safety check, he
was low. One time as low as 35. I would load him up on carbs and an hour
later - low again. It was very worrisome. We joke that his pancreas woke
up from it's nap and decided to work overtime. 

Was it you that said " The only consistent thing about diabetes is the 
I couldn't have said it better! 
Good luck and have fun at the water park! 
Carla, Mom to Cameron age 8
Diagnosed w/cancer 6-2001 (Wilms' tumor - in remission), 
High blood pressure 12-2001, 
Diabetes 11-2002  pumping with Animas since 7-2004
Asthma, etc. etc.
Cam's website: www.caringbridge.org/mo/cameron/
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