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Re: [IPp] untethering

My daughter also does unteathered therapy.  She gets a percentage of lantus 
and a very small percentage of basal in her pump mainly to keep it patent. 
.05u/hr.   Yet she can bolus and have all the benefits of a pump and no 
shots other than 1 of  lantus per day.  She can detach her pump for soccer, 
swimming, dance etc. and still has basal on board with lantus.  I also like 
that I don't have as much of a worry about ketones from basal rate not 
getting in through the pump due to an insertion site problem.  Her lantus is 
always on board.  To us it's the best of both worlds.  Hope that is helpful. 
Debi, mom of Jessi age 9 dx's at age 2 pumping  cosmo/untethered 2005.
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>>>Hi Stacy,
> Why did you choose to do untethering???  Can you  remind me how that 
> works??
> Jamie Anderson-mom to Zachary(13 Dx 7/05 and  pumping since 8/05), Cleo(10 
> Dx
> 3/04 and pumping since 11/04), Jamison(7),  and Addalyn(1)
> Jesse chose to untether for the summer because we live by  the beach and 
> its
> a real hassle to be attached to his pump . He's in the ocean  for hours a 
> day
> . He swims, plays paddleball, and runs around the beach club all  day 
> long.
> When pumping, he'd have to reattach every hr or so to deliver  his missed
> bolus. He was always Hi or Lo... and I always had to worry that he'd
> accidentally
> jump in the ocean and lose the pump....
> This way he is free from the pump, unless he wants to eat..  then he  just
> attaches ,boluses and reattaches.. He would rather do this than take 10 
> shots
> of novolog a day..
> You can read more about it in this article:
> _http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/clinic/untethered.htm_
> (http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/clinic/untethered.htm)
> Stacey
> .
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