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Re: [IPp] PUBERTY - HELP??? supplies to take along

Hi Alice,
Dan took a smallish backpack pretty much everywhere from diagnosis until he  
hit high school.  It had snacks, juice, extra glucose and a humalog pen,  
 extra strips, meter and lancets and a folded-up form with contact info and hypo
and hyper symptoms and remedies. 
When he hit high school he rebelled.  His school backpack has all the  items 
above, but for after school and weekends he just takes a roll of  glucose, a 
vial of test strips and his poker.  He uses the cozmonitor,  which is attached 
to his pump, to test.  All the items he takes fit into  his pockets, so no 
additional pack is necessary. If he's going out and it's  more than 30 minutes 
away, I make him take the humalog pen as  well. He puts it in a baggie with a 
couple of alcohol wipes and extra  pen tips, and he can cram that into his 
pockets as well, though sometimes  he has to wear cargoes to get it all in!
When he's on the bus for lacrosse meets he takes all the backpack stuff in  
 his gym bag, plus glucagon. I still make him take the backpack for sleepovers,
and also put a glucagon kit in on those occasions.  He also always carries  a 
cell phone.
Hope this helps.
Mom of Dan,  15 (dx 4-01, pumping since 5-03), Chris, 23, Carrie, 19, and 
guardian of Mike,  19.
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