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Your rates sound reasonable.  My son Dan's basal got as high as 1.2  from 4-6 
am, then 1.65 from 6 am to 1 pm during the worst of puberty, but he was  
getting something like 95 units a day at that point.  We never had much  
 consistency, either, even with the high basal rates. He'd be high for two or
nights, then perfectly in range the third, so I was hesitant to do  permanent 
hikes in the basal any further than we did.
We did a lot of nighttime checking and correcting during those two years,  
and used temporary rates sometimes as well. For whatever it's worth,  we did 
 manage to keep his A1cs between 7 and 8. I think he was over 8 once. I credit
the corrections.  So even if you feel like you're  chasing it and not entirely 
on top of it because of the inconsistency of the  bgs, you can still more or 
less handle it.  Since puberty and his growth  have slowed down, his A1cs have 
been between 5.6 and 7, mostly in the 6s.   It will get better!
Mom of Dan,  15 (dx 4-01, pumping since 5-03), Chris, 23, Carrie, 19, and 
guardian of Mike,  19.
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